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Welcome to the endless world of kiditec

Children's imagination and inventiveness know no bounds. The same is true of kiditec. The ingenious Swiss construction toy offers no end of possibilities. Its creative potential is sure to set children's pulses racing.

kiditec has made a name for itself in recent years, especially in kindergartens and schools. By popular demand, kiditec is now also available for the home.

Fun made in Switzerland.


The construction elements are available in two sizes:


kiditec L-Line

Large, strong models built using large elements. All the elements can be plugged and screwed together. The strong screw connections allow the construction of models such as a multi-car ride-on vehicle, which the kids can zoom around the house on. Fun that's guaranteed!

kiditec M-Line

The same properties as the larger elements. Depending on how old the kids are, the elements can all be plugged or screwed together. The individual elements can be combined and recombined in countless ways. The result is an endless series of very different models!


A whole new way to build

Whether plugged, screwed or superimposed: kiditec is infinitely adaptable. The strong construction system with its variety of screws and nuts allows for undreamed-of shapes and a vast array of ways of doing things. The system allows kids to decide what they want to make. On your marks, get set, go!

Easy plugging

45 degree angle

Easy screw connections

The slide-in nut

To screw wheels on

The slide-in axle

The construction bar

The kiditec clip

Hint: how to remove a nut


From the inside out – the ultimate 3D experience

As well as being able to build the usual way – from the bottom upwards – kiditec allows models to be built from the inside out. This 3D approach fosters spatial awareness and presents kids with new challenges that they enjoy tackling.


State-of-the-art, easy-to-follow guides

Many of the models come with guides. Simpler models come with picture or photo-based guides. The more challenging models can be built with the help of building instrucitions.

kiditec's guides make construction fun for budding engineers of all ages; they also foster concentration and spatial visualisation.