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Construction levels

The huge variety of kiditec models is available across an equally wide range of construction levels. Tailored to a range of ages, the levels indicate the degree of challenge they present.

The levels are as follows:

Youngster models can be tackled by the youngest engineers. Simple push-fit models are great fun and lead to early success.

Youngster Example


The Builder level is for kids for whom the youngster models are a doddle. It introduces new challenges such as the plug-in clip element. This level offers wheels for mounting onto the various models.

Builder Example


The kiditec pro engineer is able to use all the different kinds of kiditec elements to make really impressive three-dimensional models. This level offers easy-to-use screw connectors and various angles – more challenging, but no problem if the guides are followed.

Pro Example


No one is faster at making things than the kiditec expert. This level offers challenging three-dimensional screw connectors and a variety of constructional layers. It allows the creation of large models.

Expert Example