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Multicar red 1180

Construction opportunities for every level of development of the children. From the easy model, to the baby walker, to the ride on. High stability. Stable axle and wheel construction. More own creations buildable.
Building new models with the child again and again. From the small bunny, to the cat, to the little dog up to other characters. Further to the baby walker, the buggy up to the ride on which the child can use for driving around! The building opportunities increase with the age of the child and this is all possible with just one set!
  • Single bloxx L round
    8 x Single bloxx L round
  • Single bloxx L round
    2 x Single bloxx L round
  • Double bloxx L round
    8 x Double bloxx L round
  • Triple bloxx L round
    8 x Triple bloxx L round
  • Construction bar L
    2 x Construction bar L
  • Screw long L
    18 x Screw long L
  • Screwdriver L
    1 x Screwdriver L
  • Double nut L
    10 x Double nut L
  • Hollow nut L
    4 x Hollow nut L
  • Slide-in nut L
    2 x Slide-in nut L
  • Single eye L
    2 x Single eye L
  • Wheel 140-1
    4 x Wheel 140-1
  • Distance bush
    4 x Distance bush
  • Steel axle
    2 x Steel axle
  • Fix axle
    4 x Fix axle
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