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Model ideas

Swiss racer 1410

The beginner set with easy models already with screw connections.
The Swiss among the racer.
  • Double bloxx M round
    1 x Double bloxx M round
  • Triple bloxx M round
    1 x Triple bloxx M round
  • Screw long M
    1 x Screw long M
  • Screwdriver M
    1 x Screwdriver M
  • Single nut M
    1 x Single nut M
  • Slide-in nut M
    1 x Slide-in nut M
  • Clip M
    1 x Clip M
  • Jamie
    1 x Jamie
  • Shell transparent red M
    1 x Shell transparent red M
  • Rim M
    4 x Rim M
  • Tire M
    4 x Tire M
  • Plug-in axle
    4 x Plug-in axle
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